You move it to the left, yeah, then you go for yourself.
You move it to the right if, it it takes all night.
Now, baby, kinda slow with a whole lot of soul.
Don’t move it too fast, you make it last.
You know you scratch just like a monkey, yeah, you do, real, yeah.
You slide it to the limbo, yeah, how low can you go?
But oh, come on, baby, I don’t want you to stumble now.

You just grove it right here to the Harlem shuffle.
[Backup singers:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the Harlem shuffle.

Oh, do the Monkey Shine now.
[Backup singers:]
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the Harlem shuffle.)
Wahh-ahah, wahh-ah-ahh-ahh-ahh-ah-ah, wah-wah-ahh.

Hitch, hitch hike, baby, across the floor.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I can’t stand it no more.
Now, come on, baby, now, get into your slide.
We’re gonna ride, ride, ride, little pony, ride, yeah.
Shake, shake, shake, shake a tail feather, baby, (wooo!)
Shake, shake, shake,


Shake a tail feather, baby, one more time, (wooo!)
Shake, shake, shake…

Artist: Bob And Earl
Album: Harlem Shuffle
Release Date: 1966