Watch out for the dummies
Here they come
They come out on the weekends
Boy, are they dumb!

Look out for the dummies
There’s a million and one
They’ll rip off your spot
They think they’re hot… totally

Dummies to the left
Dummies to the right
Destroy all dummies
Fight, fight, fight

If you see a dummie
Send it back where it came
The land of the lowlife
The land of the lame

"Do you know which way to the nude beach?"
"Slimy seaweed."
"Oh, guy, all this sand."
"Pass the butter, please."
"Hey, watch out for that Frisbee, it almost hit me."
"Hey, get away from me."
"Got a sixer?"

Forget it!
Thank you!

Artist: The Surf Punks
Album: My Beach
Release Date: 1980