Somebody ripped my stick
That guy must be a prique
I guess I finally ran out of luck
If I ever find him
he’s gonna get phucked.

That board was really fine
Bought it in Hawaii
it was one of ‘da kine’
It got me out of trouble
Saved my life
By the way, buddy,
have you seen my wife?

I’ll punch him
I’ll beat him
I’ll pound his head
And if I ever find him
he’s gonna be dead

The last time I saw it
it was strapped to my car
I was checking out the surf
not away very far
What bums me out
it was my very best board
I asked a cop about it
He said, "Praise the Lord!"

Red, blue trim, ultra-thim rails
I call it perfection
it never fails
Primo fin, textured deck,
king-king cord
If anybody finds it –
five dollar reward!

I’ll bend him
I’ll twist him
I’ll break him in two
Don’t laugh, Buddy,
it could be you

Somebody ripped my stick

Hey, somebody ripped my stick off!
I spent all my money on that board
I gotta have it back
I like that board
It rode the bay great
It was the best board out there
It looked the best
God dang it, I want that board back!
If I find that guy, he’s gonna get the skag up his ass!

Ow! I hate that!
Phukin mind your own business
That’s my property, my property!
Lifeguard: "Somebody call the cops, I think he’s hurt"

Give it back, give it back!
Give it back, give it back!
Come on!
Give it back, give it back!

And I swear, there better not be one ding in it – not one!

Shut up!

Artist: The Surf Punks
Album: My Beach
Release Date: 1980