Just like a man, flexing his muscle and not really usin’ it
Just like a fool, making her suffer
And stuffing her feelings with cotton wool

Well, forgive him, forgive him…

Just like a man, carrying a picture but seeing in the negative
Just like a fool, all double standards – baby do this but never do that

Well, forgive him, forgive him, forgive him…

He makes her fall, face down into the pillow
Climbing the wall, weeping like a weeping willow
Hands her a tissue he’s already used

Just like a man, just like a man

Dragging her under for everything he’ll never be
Ripping her asunder, said he didn’t really love her anyway
Well, forgive him, forgive him

Just like a man, thrashing out blindly way out of his depth
Just like a fool, there’s no device he won’t employ
He even cries like a little boy

Well, forgive him, forgive him..
Forgive him…

Just like a man, just like a man
Just like a man, just like a man

Artist: Graham Parker
Album: The Real Macaw
Release Date: 1983