Sand’s too hot
Water’s too cold
Girl’s too young
Guy’s too old
Surf’s too big and gnarly (for me)

I go into the water
my body just gets numb
I stepped on a shark
boy, that thing was dumb
Can someone tell me why that lifeguard’s
swimming out (to me)?

I bought a new wetsuit
(Ring around the collar!)
Forgot that I was broke
(Can I borrow a dollar?)
Does anyone out there
(Have some coin for me?)

Meet me at the beach
it’s not hard to reach
Girls! Guys!
Tubes! Boobs!
Happening! Hot!
Reaeeeeelly! Alright!

Found a case of Lowi
(Gee, what a score!)
Drank ’em all in seconds
(Got any more?)
Just how wasted can I get today?

My fries fell in the sand
My burger’s not too nice
The Pepsi just spilled over
Oops! I dropped my ice.
When will everything be just right (for me)?

Meet me at the beach
it’s not hard to reach
Frisbees, look out!
Hey man! Punch out!
Six foot lefts. Ten foot rights.
Parties! Girls!

Going to the beach
(Let’s find a place to park)
There’s a spot right there
(Oops, too late, it’s dark)
Why does this always happen to me?

Hey, it’s going to be a hot one today
85 in town, 95 in the Valley
I suggest you all pile into the old jalopies
and get out to that beach
It’s going to be a cool 78 in the air,
70 degrees in the water
And we’ve got a swell from the West
today at 3 to 5 feet
So grab your sticks and let’s go surfing!


Artist: Surf Punks
Album: My Beach
Release Date: 1980